Thursday, January 8, 2009


Once Peter said to Michael..
" You know the power of Smiling?"
Michael just keep grinning, cause he knows nothing about it and he knows nothing about his words...
Peter keeps on his conversation..
" I've learnt something from a Professor of Harvard..that told that smile is sort of power. He told me that smile is certainty to some problems.."
of case of worrying....
Rose worried that her son might get hurt in his summer camp. The broken news said that there was unremarkable hurricane occured, exactly where as her son's camp. She kept end of the world. She only thought about bad things, as such her son dead!In couple of minutes, there was a ringing of phone just near the corner of the house. She speedily ran towards it...and it was her son..." Mum, dont worry im safe. Dont be sad. Keep smiling" Rose smiled broadly..totally rinsed away all those undesired worriying!

of case of sadness..
Samuel was hell sad. His mother was died today because of tumour in her spinal nerve. She already suffered for 3 years and according to particular doctor she wont even make it for early 1year. Samuel already knew before that she in a state where as 'death is waiting for the times to come'. In gloomy emotion, he suddenly remembered his mother's sacred words.." I know I'll go in aytime. If only I wont be aside, you should not be sad. Because I lived for 40 years and Im full of satisfaction. You dont know how long you will survive so that you should keep living. Keep on smiling because you will find the beauty of life so dont let sadness blurring your upcoming wonderful life." Samuel kept on smiling..right after the memories across the lane..

of case of loving...
Jason and Kimberly was falling in love. One fine day, Jason told her that he cant live forever with Kimberly..And she was left heartbroken. Kimberly was deeply cursed him, accusing him as men of betrayal. As far she knew, Jason has no one in his couple of years, he still living as single. Jason once said that he was not ready, and definately he grabbed the words. Vice versa, Kimberly was heavily broken because he still love Jason. Jason came after her and said, " You shouldnt live in sorrow because of our unexpected love story. We should accept this with dignity. Smile2,dont let your pretty face fulls of mud, maybe one fine day you will find someone that meant to be with you.Lot better than me" She was touched by his words..and keep on smiling.

of case of pretending...
Sally borrowed Elle's book. And she lost that book unexpectedly. She dont hve the courage and bravery to tell her about that. So she bought a new book,just looked same as the previous book. Elle felt something wrong with the book, "Is this my book?"... Elle said, " Yes it is yours''..with smiling carved on her face.


-uniq yg pelik- said...

jehan...kenapa ni weyh..
rilex2 sudah...
kdg2 mmg kita trpksa pura2..
being hipokrit..
biasala..xkan kita nk tnjuk kat suma org yg kita sdih..
bknnya mereka phm p0n...

p/s:ang plak emo kot..

afiq Sayuti said...

aku emo ka?nope la
aku anti emo la weyh
hoho =p

Anonymous said...

hey afiq.
wat a nice article
it helps.~

afiq Sayuti said...

erk nice ker..hehe..bantai2 je tu..hihi2
tq btw