Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In living peacefully, maybe we wont believe something may occur. Indirectly or directly that slowly will drag all of our bussiness into it. It hard to make someone to keep on standing with us, on where they should be when we are in the oceon of problems. Maybe finding a friend is such a simple task, yet to keep it eternal such a difficult goal. 

First of all, let we reflex ourselves. What is your priority to befriend with him? Is there any other purposes? if so, let shows some dignity. Sincerity is most possible cure in friendship, even so we might having minor/major quarelling..misunderstanding..etc. If we put sincerity on top of that, we will be having good thinking to be matured in all things. 
Some minor misunderstanding might not break friendship...

Maybe we cant accept on what they did? But what are we to judge all these mistakes, we are simple creation, granted by simple-minded ability. If we keep on put border on our ways of thinking, so we will remain the same as the uniqueness..
Once mistake revealed, we will put all the blame on if we try to not realize all those goodness they did before..Such a close-minded we are..

One mistake doesnt have the real power to vanish all those precious goodness on them. But when we fused the anger with power of SYAITAN..YES! will grow stronger...on how we act are bullshit all the way. People might not realize the mistakes they did..unless someone around him waking on him. What to do..its the nature of human-being..
Stop making syaitan being a friend of yours, regarding the ones you neglected...

Broaden our mind..varies our ways of thinking..we may seem to be naived if we keep put border on thinking foolishly.. Supposedly, thinking everthing happens comes with HIKMAH..we are not God to be knowing anyything will happen, what is the best...that's why he give us order to show His power..for us to search the reality on what have happened already,right?

We can be easily infleunced by others..if we keep on believing the unproven things..if we keep being ordinary..Try to listen to every aspects, every sides..where there's lying everything we dont even know before...then thinking the best way on how they should act, which gives best to them. There's go all the support of friend when they are going down..dont put any further pressure..rather being an ruckess coz it's not helping at all..But still, human only believed if the things happened right before their eyes..if not..they keep denying..what to do, it's our nature, afterall..

But still, we cant expect others will think the way we are..
That's why God put Heart and Mind for us..
to make we human being realize..things happen for reasons..
He want to make we realize His power...
On how perfect He is..vice versa, lacking somehow we are...
If we only try learns to accept things...
If only we knows how others will feel...
If only we sought to believe HIKMAH...
If only we reflex ourselves first...
But still..dont expect others have a mind of yours..As it is 'IF' afterall
it's not about expecting's about realizing what we are...
the rest good..or..the rest of fool


-uniq yg pelik- said...

hai bang?
emo nmpak..
kata anti em0...=P
rilek2..jgn pkir sgt..
ang tu trlalu byk pkir psai org..
sumtimes u need to think about urself too...
ang kalot dok pkir psai org..
sapa nk pkir psai diri ang..
haha..okies my fren?

afiq Sayuti said...

dok aih..aku besa2 ja pn..mane de aku pk prob owg pn hohho
erm alwys je pn think psl aku hoho
but tahla
kdg2 aku nk marah menteliti mnusia
tp nk wt cmna
mentaliti juz very subjektif
bknnye mende
let it be je kot

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

maybe it's true what u said about the mentality thing..
i cant agree for few things..
we cant expect people to have the mind of yours...
But, those people have to know...
to think about others..
I've been through those kind of moments..
Try to think outside the box...

It's not the matter of making mistakes, it's the matter of realizing even one mistake they did..
Ohh..n i, mysrlf have found few people who said easily they r so sorry for what they did..
somehow, when they got the forgiveness...
they do it again!not once but more than that...
Banyak benda dalam hidup mengajar kita..
mentaliti adalah something yg bagos bile kite gunakn dgn cara yg betul..ia dpt sekat kite dr lakukan something atas batas..agree?
tapi u have to know when to stick to it n when r not..haha..

Maaf.terEmo..Btw, nice blog..been reading ur blog for quite a while..tergerak nk comment coz ade same entry in my blog..haha..till then..salam..:)

afiq Sayuti said...

hi miss come xleh access msk ur blog?huhu..restrcited ek?
mentalatiti tu sumthg yg manusia create//yang trut membataskan had pemikiran2 orang lain..dgn erti kata lain pengaruh n ala2 cm hasutan la..
however..there's some agreeable gak..
but more to diasgreeable kot..hoh=p myb mslh dlamn kot heheh
btw this entry is not regarding myself..its for juz a concerned observer heheh =)

btw,thanx reading my blog yg xseberapa sgt ni n tah hape2 ot hehe