Thursday, September 23, 2010


How do you define these 3?
It can be really negative upon us, while it also states positivity in the air.
Up to the readers.

Where goes the today's sunshine still a tomorrow's sunshine. One after another
When people tend to be in a same level among all. Due to lack of original thinking, laid in a box of prisoner.
Why do people stereotyped?
To find an easy way to cope in achievement, but the real thing it is just a surface.
Do seed our mind where is creativity and extraordinary can bring upon a wonderful atmosphere

When the sun shines the its ray million years ago. Same old ray
When people are nothing differences than other. Produce the same thing ever.
Why do people being typical?
Believing that things are more comprehensive in either ways were crap.
If you'e going to be a professional doctor, be one of atypical instead of typical

When the sunshine can bloom a bouquet of flowers.
New, now, upgraded and less drawbacks.
Why do people is a prototype?
When somebody can be really productive and stands great
Yet hard to yield.

How to brisk these awful?
Grow the seed of prototypes, yet to poison some branches of unnecessary stereotypes and typicals

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