Thursday, September 23, 2010


How will u react?

I've been dissapointed by some mouth-foul people. When they started to say something like this

Malays are fully spoon-fed

This is a bitter truth, the least i can say where as it is partially undeniable. I'm not to point into some people who said this, it just to let us know, by all means this is not a racism. This should be our national awareness.
We are superbly proud to be Malays, but is it the proud that enough?
Yes we got all opportunities. And same goes to you and all of us. It makes us equal.

Equal? By means you and I are more likely the same. Spoon-fed were we? haha.
Yes we did.

Ok now we claimed ourselves being spoon-fed. But why Malays got the hit?
Dear Malays, it is because we did not prove to them the 100% result of spoon-fed. You left some part missing behind. And they noticed that, even small as dust.
Please notice the hole and repair it.

Black sheep is everywhere in a community.Whether it is you or somebody else.
For me I dare to say im not 100% spoon-fed. And time will proves it somewhere near by now. Malays are not 100% spoon-fed, they just don't wake up from sleep. Its ok better late than never.

For all my Malay companions, please hold ourselves together. We know the critical times now. We can be better. and greatly thanks from where the word ''Spoon-fed'' popped up.

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