Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hari ini kami buat majlis. Majlis perpisahan 2 orang lecturer, Forensic Medicine dan Pathology. What can i say above all is their passion. Truly wonderful.

Imagine these two lecturers have been teaching students more than 40++ years? I only can brag if this can happen in Malaysia. What I know we Malaysian at the ages of 70++ will be sat at home taking care of grandchildren. Pretty much this thing happens to us.
My lecturers here are all good. I can't compare anything to them, even though there's a time when I keep complaining all bad stuffs about this country, India. But this 1 thing for sure, I have no doubt about it.

By the name of Dr Sowdi and Dr Prema, both as husband and wife are indeed the good teachers.

They have given the speech. So wonderful. It can penetrate every heart to burst off. For me to say, here in India I can collect some cultures. Where the teachers are next to God ( their belief ). And so that how they are really adorable and respectable.

Apart from that, the most interesting content to be heard is that Dr Sowdi said, " All my 188 students are allowed to seat the Final Exam Second Year MBBS. I dont care about your attendance"
Then a superb big applause seems glittering above the sky. Of course from us indeed. If only the lecturers do know how much we are really into this exam, regardless how bad our attendances =p.

Nevertheless things have struck my mind. When the speech goes by, '' My last wish is to die when giving lecture''
Sudden tears bursting out.I cant measure this passionate old lecture have put his oath that way, which I believe the momentum to boost his power on teaching.

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PùRpLè ReEn said...

just superb having these lecturers..oh congrats on u ols nye happiness leh seat final exam takkira pun attendance byk rongak2 hahaha..enjoy ah!!
btw nice post..i like :)