Sunday, July 27, 2008


hey2 here they go~

Hehehe i assume all of u already what is this spiky-ball right? this is called a durian =P
Hereby i state over here, i love this durian so damn much hohoho. I am an addict of this fruit. but i wonder why, there are some people who really hate this fruit. As if they try to avoid of even looking..or glancing at it. i dont know why and no idea at all.

I've tried asking a particular person who hates this fruit. And the only reason he said so because of the sharp, stinky smell of them. Oh what happens to this world, I just love the smell very MUCH hohoho. And because of the smell itself, they put away theirselves of having this boombastic fruit. Oh they have just ignored and indirectly lost one taste of the World Wonder hehe. Then, I'ver heard my grandpa once said, to those who didn't even have an appetite towards this fruit..barely try to pour some water into the fruit's compartment (in Malay it called 'pangsa' ) and then drink it.....worth trying!

Hurm..and then i moved on to another particular person, same problem as aboved. He said to me he rather chosed apple to be eaten than the durian. Because of wha
t???because of the wickedness of tearing the durian's skin!!hahha. What a reason he has there~~
erm but it makes sense. Undeniable, I also have a minor problem at first when sort of trying to tear it off. But now and forever, I already know the easiest way of it at all. heheh (^0^)
It just a step only, u just need to find the pin-point just the below the fruit. Then thoroughly tear!tear it!tear it at speed of light!~~heheh

Yesterday I've got an interesting moment of life hehe. On the way heading home, from my sis shcool at Gemencheh, I accidentally saw this durian. Without hesitation, I insisted my father to stop by. And there goes this durian-satanic haaha!~ The conversation went along the other way....

" Pakcik, cmne jual durian ni? "

'' 1 longgok rm 10...nak amik dik? ''

'' Kalau saya nak 2 longgok rm 15 bole tak? ''

'' ermmmmm..jap ek.....''

'' Kire bole la tu pakcik...''

'' erm ok2..kire halal la..jual2 ''

He just picked up the right person hohoh. So i've 20++ durians for rm15 .... What a wonderful day! In the meantime, our journey to home was full of smell~heavy smell at all hoho. My father kept on mumbling about that but me? I love it to death!..till death we do apart durian hahaha..I can't live without U


Effa said...

i love durian.
sape tak makan durian, sia sia hidup.

da musim durian ke?
humph, bertuah la korg.
kat sini, beli durian Rm10 selonggok tu, sure tak sedap atau pun da busuk2.

yg best2 tu, ak penah beli Rm25 sebiji..
Demi Durian katakan..


Anonymous said...

wahhh best giller ko jehan... u know ka here at my place kan... harga sebijik durian tu ... like 15-25 ringgit each bha... sucks kan... adeiii cekik darah nak mampos ! well u know la... durian kat sabah ni mostly durian mat salleh kot... hahahah kalo kat kl usually D24 ... durian kampong o durian kawin... so worth it la rm 10 selonggok... o mayb durian kat sabah ni besar nak mampos kot... huhu well... i dont know but here in sabah they treat durian like they treat... i dont know... ? emas ? mayb... hurmmmm but still i envy u dpt mkn bebnyk... huhu but anytime u maw challenge me to a durian eating competition... cmonnn... BRING IT ON ! hahah btw... about the pangsa thingie kan... here at my place usually they do that utk buang panas badan ... well u know la... when u ate for like 3 or more durian at a time... our body will easily get HOTTER ! i mean... hot as in hot la.. but mind me... im a HOTTIE ! i just cant help myself... sigh~ like effa said to me owez... kan effa kn... hehehe n to those yg x makan durian... its a blessin u know... so we dont have to berebut durian anytime soon... haha o 4 example in a case wer durian are a bout to extinct ? phew... arent we glad... x de org nk berebut dgn kita ? huhu~

Effa said...

btol la...
so that tak berebut.

=.=" cmon la Ronth, no need to tell the world. HOTTIE??? haha

oh, ak bleh challenge ko gak jehan..
challenge makan durian. huhuhu..

p/s: sape tak makan durian, tak complete idop. hehe

nur akmal said...

pandainya tawar-menawar..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"i dont take durian & my life is tak complete?"

what are u thinking effa? i am gud as ever pun. anyway durian sucks.. i used to try it & i cant help but to puke. & even thinking of eating 'em makes me puke. god its so ...iyyeeek? & ..uwweeek? i have visions of taking "taik cair" wats the word? - everytime people force me to eat that "thing" ..and bendi too, & another stupid sayur yg slimmy kt dlm tuu... its that bad. but i can stand the smell at least. tho anyone yg kentut lpas tu is damn!-fucking-stupid-bastard-im-gonna-kill-u!! so.. durian sucks ~

Anonymous said...

ngeh ngeh ngeh effa ? seriously ? hahaah durian eating competition ? hak hak hak... urs punya stomach is way too small bha maw lawan jehan... kah kah kah... i wonder berapa bijik u bley makan ? o brapa ulas ? still wondering~ n to those yg x makan durian... ewww x complete kewww hidop ? u know wat... theres an old saying... about durian u know... 'to thy own self who do not commit durian.. they shall be condemned for what sake they have been done by taking durian existence for granted...' sounds eerie kan... geez.. im glad i ate durian.. like a lot~

afiq Sayuti said...

to effa n aron
dare u challenge me??
biar btol anda2 nk calen sy ni
lg2 bab2 mkn2 ni
serius ke anda xnk back off
im afraid u'll cry to death hohoho

mahalnye hrga durian kt sabah!!!
aku bru berhjat lps kawen nnt nk tggl kt sabah or swak
tp dsbabkan hrga durian mahal....
aku pk2 blik ar...

afiq Sayuti said...

to aliff
ko mmg kufur nikmat la alif hahah
dua2 benda yg aku pling ske tu la yg ko pling xske..
aku ske bangat durian ngn bendi tu oi
bendi tu ulam lgi sodap~!hoho
ko ni mmg nk kne msk kursus kesedaran dri kot..biar dorg push ko n dedahkan ko betapa nikmatnye sayur bendi ngn durian tu

p/s= mak aku ckp mkn bendi leh wt kte jd sorg yg kreatif mknla bendi.

afiq Sayuti said...

to akmal@kema

ko feymes ngn nma kema ek..nyum2
erm xdela pndai sgt tawar2 ni
aku ni pendiam la
believ it or not =p

Effa said...

alif : kufur nikmat~ wo, rugi woo.. hehe.. and, guess what, i NEVER in my life at bendi. haha. i think NEVER la.. ndak ingat pun ada pernah mkn ke tak. haha.

Ronth & Jehan : hurm, Elron, we buat pakatan la.. me& u against Jehan? boleh? hehehe. fair kan Jehan?

Jehan : ko nak tinggal cini ok la.. tp, bile musim durian, pegi fly sjung la, kat sini seafood murah. ko hantu seafood tak?
hehe. Telo penyu pun ade.. hehe..

keep humming the beat...nurhanisahmohamadkani said...

aritu bpk ak ntah bp kali ntah beli durian..sbb dy kate nnti kt india x leyh makan durian daaa..ahaha..layanN~bez gile melahap durian..hoho=p

Anonymous said...

kufur nikmat kepala hotak korang.. the duri2 family & cembedak are all likewise. smells like roasted pitt. can u imagine? in iraq, they said u cud get killed just by burping after a durian treat.. see? its horrible. durian is horrible. BIG TIME disastr.. global warming n ol u know. ...huh?

one more thing.. on what sense does bendi makes u a creative man? u sriusly need to talk to ur mom jehan & clear things out. woman got confused alot u know..

Anonymous said...

hahaah anytime effa ? btw jehan.. dtgla stay kat umah aku... ak dok sorang je.. besa la... anak angkat kan... huhu

afiq Sayuti said...

to effa=
woaa nk wt pakatan ke?ok2 tiada msalh.bole still meragui la xkn la korg boleh beat me up hoho(gelak angkuh~~)
tp tah2 effa lg melahap smpi jilat2 jari kaki hehhe..wt malu i je tau

to elron=
i would love to go to sabah! weh save satu blik dlm umh ko ek.nnt aku msk blik tu hueheueh.erm aku ade sdara kt sabah, tp xbrp kamceng la dude

afiq Sayuti said...

to Jelo=
weh jelo, aku tiap2 ari mkn durian.siang petang malam sume2 la.dessert aku pn durian.tu aku jd mereng2 skit ni hoho.lg2 dusun atuk aku berbuah, aku curik sume durian die bwk blik umh heuhue

to alif=
aku rse ko da misinterpret la kt situ.agk prejudis statemnt ko.bkn stkat iraq la even whole arabic lands really sound pantang ngn burping tu.ko tau, klo kt mlaysia kentut tu kire xsenonoh tp klo kt ngara arab sendawa (burping) mende pling mjijikkan bg sifat mnusia. is it clear?heheh
that's why their oldfolks said that burping would kill entire other word is the lowest reputation of human civilization.

nope, im creative by eating bendi hahahhah! =P

Anonymous said...

seh,.. jehan... hak hak bukan main aktif lg ngko membalas komen eek.. hahah btw... wat pe nk aku book kan satu bilik utk ngko... tdr ngan aku dlm dakapan kemesraan cukop lar... ngah ngah ngah... gosh~ dat sounds totally wrong ! hahah o yea jehan... don worry la... d sabah ko ada aku... manuk... chris... we're all family... huk huk huk nytime dtg je... kalo x taw malu... muahahahah hahah im thinking of la kan...jehan aku nk tdo ngan ko la sokmo2 d india nnt... wakakakaka secure skettt badan mcm gergasik ! hahaha kuat makan durian.... hohoho

nur akmal said...

ak famous dgn ape2 pon tk kesah.
ak br jer mkn durian.
ko pendiam??? huahuahua!!!
ak sumgguh diktkn pendiam...
kl tulis2 nie, bley lar ak tembak2...
kl cakap2, jgn harap ak nk tembak...
baik ak senyap jer!!!

afiq Sayuti said...

to ronth=
aku mmg ske bls komen sendri haha.lgi2 ble up pkul 2pagi..xde sape lgsg on9 tggl aku sorg2 je hoho
eyp that's really sound so-gay-like MAuhahhahahha
secure ke ngn aku?klo kne bomb gak aku xtanggung hohoh

afiq Sayuti said...

to kema=
eceh kema tkut kne fire..
xpe2 jgn isau aku dak baik..bajet!
aku x ske ar fire2 org ni heheh