Friday, July 25, 2008

keep on waiting....

today is the day..the day of waiting..for something that very unsure..aiyark!
everybody is already commiting themselves in study right now...especially degree level.
but what about US?
i mean MSU foundation leavers???
it is very meticulous being me..erm...
honestly im not the very person who used to think about the future..the planning of study..
the times of waiting..and boring..without nothing much to do..n bla444444
has put me on the path of thinking hahha
ok no doubt it is good for us to think about future...
but why thinking to something very unsure??

it just like nothing dude..because when we do think for will lead us to problems
n everybody hates problems right?
they said we will be placed in IMS...some said it is just a rumour...hurm
why bother??it's not our job to pick urself on it
just wait n see

-------------------------CUT IT OUT!--------------------------------------------------

hereby i would like to state...
seems like everybody puts the blame on MSU
but me??
i dont know...but i really put the blame on MARA
it is just not i want to be differed than anyone. but i have my own reason to put the blame on it

1) why do they never care about us?mean like they never have visiting along our foundation period to survey on ourselves

2)the placement is not their duty..THEY said so~

3)they dont even know what happen to us...

4)..........many22222...very untold storyline

but overall..they are the one who giving us the scholar, and as a scholarship holder we just need to obey..n obey...n on...
honestly said, MARA students are not so well-organized compared to JPA student..well said

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