Sunday, March 29, 2009


Haha ni hanyalah post untuk renungan semata-mata..tiada kaitan antara hidup dan mati.
Dah lama da just nak freshen up skit2 je...( bajet bagi nafas baru )

I dont know where it came..but somehow might be this was the moment..where God gave me earlier sign to be prepared
I have left all my heart..of hatred..jealousy..bengang..terasa and everythg else..long time ago..In order to become someone new, most accepted in community..but I think I should find it back!haha

Some friendS just made me realized..YOU WONT HAVE TO SATISFY EVERYONE...
that's why im getting pissed in the first place when they just threw some..some..haha!
But it's ok...well somehow this was nearly my time being pissed off, since im avoiding it for the very long time..(sekali bertepek atas muka baru nk sedar hohoh =p)
but it's ok..thanks to them..really helpful
that words just making me realized to be more humble...Alhamdulillah
Realizing there are so much disadvantages...
Reading self-esteem myself...
Trying the best 

Maybe this is of one way Allah is telling us...through people around us
He knows maybe sometimes we find ourselves superior.. ( lupa daratan )
He knows we are denying His will.. ( xsedar diri )
He knows we are entering the line...( hilang arah tuju )
However, worth knowing He wont lost anything from you...
The far you are going , the closer He will be

Before I departed from Malaysia to India, I were watching 1channel...which was telling me..
"As life goes on, you will come to see and meet many unwanted person..when that time comes you just cant run away, because there are indeed people of your life...who comes to be a backstabber, betrayer, demon-masked-human and etc..."

"The matter is not how to avoid these people because they are living around you but somehow you need to carefully manage to live inside them"

"They may come in different levels to torture your feelings..just dont let the darkness consuming your emotion..If you do so, you are just no different"

And the last word from the spokeperson said...
"If you want to go on living, just trying your way to piss them with your life so vice versa with them..this is the reality..everyone will experience these things one fine day"

(.....some quotes from the respective shows...)

So, ready to change! Let's get going!---> ( dalam mood mahu menjadi selfish 20% haha)


lynawan said...

ya sy setuju sgt.
setelah sekian lm, kini aku belajar kata no!
sekian lm juga ms diambil utk aku sedar, we can't keep memuaskn hati org

-uniq yg pelik- said...

tiada apa yg perlu dikatakan.
semuanya sudah dikatakan.
selfish 20% ja na.
not 100%.
bc0z i hate selfish people.=P

afiq Sayuti said...

erm aku rasa cm tu gak lina..
but overall
dlm memuaskan or tidak memuaskan ati org lain tu..
juz keep being urself gak..
kdg2 kite bru start n selfish, we turn to be sombdy else which seems to be very damn-annoying!hohoh

afiq Sayuti said...

klo 100% xjd human la aku nmpaknye

Anonymous said...

20%- hahaha..
boleh lak letak peratus nak 'jual ikan'?haha..
Tapi make sure it's for ur own good..
Jgn 'jual ikan' tak kena tempat..:p
Btw, my blog dah ade yg public..u r welcome to come n read..
But, saya ni takdakla pandai tulih macam kamu..:D
Baca jolah..:P