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Who is exactly a doctor? Most of us will easily pop up with the answer such as, A person who incredibly has such medical knowledge to treat the patients. But, is that all about about a doctor himself/herself? I would see it unbareable answer to satisfy the 'hunger' of life-searcher.

Nowadays, we find that most of high school leavers would seek a chance to get in medical line. Even our government has promoted such scholarship to pursue in medicine, and that will be such opening for most of them. When they were already tied with this ONLY chance, they apparently will put anything else instead of medicine course into spareparts. Why does this happen? Though we know exactly what type of courses will determine our country's develepmont. Economic, Biotechnology, Accountancy, Engineering and etc. So why did they still prone to be in medical line?

In advance, we should know that a being a doctor wont make us live in richness and luxirious. The doctor wont became 'rich' enough to live happily, because we will serve for goverment once graduated. And becoming a goverment servant is like creating limitation in our money flow..since we have been credited into boundary of services, being given inadequate salary compared to the 6 years of studying-challenging life, though your will have the guaranteed job. Some said they will earn additional salary by involving as LOCUM/part time at the clinics, or even built up their own clinic to become rich. But is it all about a doctor? About greediness of making money?

Move out your mind now. As a becoming doctor, you will be tortured for about 6 years of studying. And you already have been informed about this. Yet you still want to become a doctor. Comaparing to other courses, such as engineer, they will get an early job when 23++ but a doctor, it will be 25++ right? by the time you just have to enter into the world of working, they already 'matured' into it, more seniority than you are. But it is your own pledge to live in hell first, before can smell the sweetness of pardise. When you are 25++, people around you were already getting married and even some would have tons of children, yet you still staying single and alone. When will your get married? 30++? oH wrinkles everywhere!


That's all people would think about a doctor. Even if didnt do it, they will say so. So it wont bother if you do or dont. I bet all of you have your very own reason to be the doctor.

An unknown doctor once said,


It might sound harsh, up to your own intepretation. Thus, have smile awhile and think about it, maybe he has the meaning of saying such that statement. Everything we do should have a reason, even things happened also with reason. Some will say it is nothing and trash-talking when it comes to find a reason. But will you have a courage to put out mouth to tell your vey own reason.

If you want the example of reasons/excuses,

  1. The doctor can make tons of money, in terms of becoming a specialist you will earn at least rm100,000++ a month. It is lots right?
  2. The doctor will have a guarenteed job. Once graduated, you will be placed in any hospital. You just need to move your ass and do your work.
  3. You like to see gallens of blood smirking out of veins. It's beautifOOL
  4. The doctor will be very honoured. Everybody will respect your in whatever you do.
  5. The doctor is very famous. You will take every praises, fame in grante. Because you think you deserve to be one.
Let us share some passion or insanity of becoming a doctor. In accordance to excessive thinking and surveys, i gather some of best thoughts of becoming a doctor. People might say something uncomfortable if you said something, but it is all your life. And life is too short to be wasted. If you want to be a great doctor, be sincered to yourself first. Sincerity is all by means of becoming perfect. The doctor will need to face too many challenges onwards. Being teased by patient, scolding by your senior doctor, no time for 'lepak2', no time for holiday, less time with family, all time with jobs. Yeah you may find it eerie to hear but FACE it. FACE THE REALITY YOU CHOSE. If you have those sincerity in you, you will easily curb with any of this problems.

When becoming the doctor, 1st stich the patient VERY carefully..4years after, you stich it just considerately...10 years after, you stich them VERY roughly! Why? is it because you are boring with your work. Bare in mind, they are also human, have feeling, felling pains. Put smile on your face everyday and you will be a great doctor. Which one do you prefer? Being a nice doctor or just an ordinary doctor.

Patients will find doctors as their secret-keepers. So if you already given trust, be nice, be polite, be delighted because there is somebody trust you more than ever. As the patients, they want you to be more than a doctor, they want you to be you bestfren where they can share problems, thoughts and etc. It's sound dramatic but this is what a doctor should have to. You know why? you shouldnt think that because you are the doctor and they are your patient, you feel superior than them. And if you want to say to those engineers, even you cant build statue, building, and etc, you yourself is also in couse of human engineering. You have all knowledges of human body, creation, and etc. So you are the Human Engineer! And why did I said earlier that you should have the same level to the patient?because...


You will have your own reason, nobody has the right to object it. It is about you and your life.

p/s= erm better watch the movie Patch Adam, you'll find the answer. Any suggestion?


chepazana said... the doc speak...
chill dude, i know dat once u'll be a very junior doc, u're prone to be bullied, even by the elder nurses...shove it. u not the only one who have to deal wif patients, nurses seen to them almost everytime n my lctrr say dat they can be very,once ko jadik doc siap sedia r dikacau oleh patient n nurse...hahaha..

--kata2 seorang bakal nurse--

Anonymous said...

mak ai,pjgnya xlrt aku nk bc.
i don't know why in doing medic in the first place.
i don't have my friends eagerness to learn medic nor do I have what they call spirit to help people.
but something in having a secured job after graduating may be the reason why I choose medic even we all know there is a high possibility for us to succumb to life of studying medic.
Albeit, I see people who succeeded and I'm going to be one of them.
wish me luck bro

afiq Sayuti said...

to che pah
heheh ye2 je kau
ye2 dua2 pihak..nurse n doc akn terkna ganguan jiwa hoho
so beware2 la ye

gudluck nurse!!

afiq Sayuti said...

to lyna
panjang ka?hahha aku mmg cmni klo tulih pendek2 aku xpuas ati heheh
erm it's all up to u then
i just giving some opinions, in conjunction to avoid any gundah gulana yhehe
how was czech btw??

Anonymous said...

Czech is brilliant but with poor weather. It may turn worse in winter. Public transportation is so efficient and so do the internet.
Seniors are great too.

afiq Sayuti said...

such wondeful lina
giler best kn
xtaha tu
internt pn jalan..kire mantap la kan..
maakann pn mesti sodap tu hoho