Saturday, September 6, 2008


Human's desire of power, fame, prosperity and exclamity..leads to highest level of human-being. They seek war without endless aim. The great will pledge the weak one, till diminshed to the ash. History already meant to tell us, on how those previous wars were nothing but crap ondoing by human's hands.

Bleed your own belief, why do they even create war even peace is more acceptance? People around the world are wagging their hands to say NO to war, but still...war was already went far and will further develop to the greatest satisfaction

There goes the unforgotten stories by the untold history..

A civil war is "a violent conflict within a country fought by organized groups that aim to take power at the center or in a region, or to change government policies". For instance, this war would take more than a century to resolve everything. The main agenda is political action, where some organization will come forth by all actions to take down one greatest power. Shah Jehan of Taj Mahal was even being taken throne by his own blood.
The monarchy and dictatorism are the major cause of civil war

A world war is a war affecting the majority of the world's most powerful and populous nations. The world war seems to be known among us because it did happened just before us, our ancestors would know better since they experienced every single moments. Starting by the great power of German, leads to Nazi's conquership. Such named Adolf Hitler, who's on earth wont refused to know him. The rise of Japan had told us the spirit of patriotic would be the highest willpower of all, then Kamikaze they used to.
Apart from that, it would never end just like that, since the elongation of Cold War will take part. In evidence, the effect of international affair between Russia and United States in all sorts.

What is it? simple, the war in all causes happened by religious differences. Bad perception and misintepretion of faith will give rise to war. History already told us that this type of war is happening untill now. We used to know since each of us have own sacred faith to protect, by hook or by crook. But how did it burst? Deep knowledge and self-consideration towards unsimilar religion should be practical, so everyone can live in peace. The taken of Jerusalem, Holy war of King Richard the Lionheart, and True warrior Salahuddin al-Ayubi were enough told us on how faith and depth belief are accompanied together.

The endless war of Palestine and Israel...
The bombardment of Lebanon by United States...
Human-right action on Iraq?
Newly broken story of Georgia and Russia...
The very sad condition of south Thailand...
The threat of United States towards Iran...





p/s= no one will raise their hand, to stand up responsibilities of casualties, damaging building, broken heart of the young, death and etc. Let us pray for realization of human heart, desire, lust, greed and etc. Aminnn. I feel used to be war enthusiast~


Honcho Cho said...

and the ongoing threat of anwar ibrahim on 16 sept..xtau la wnether it's threat or not..haha.. sorry2 menyibuk di sini.hehe

afiq Sayuti said...

klo threat tu mmbw keabaikan
ape salahnye kn?

commnt box aku ilang~adoi

Honcho Cho said...

yup2 setuju.hehe..mana pi la chat box hg tu..aku br nak kasi havoc siket..haha

Anonymous said...

kalau Pn Amali baca ni mesti tharu. Anda membuat esei tanpa disuruh. Tahniah!
btw, aku setuju apa yg hg 2leh

afiq Sayuti said...

to honcho
erm tahla sshnye nk dptkn blik chatbox tu
nnt2 la aku wt blik

afiq Sayuti said...

to lyna
trimas support this essay =)
mepekla la ang ni hehe

btw, aritu pn amali call aku
dkt 1jam kot
die pesan soh kemslm kt sume grup2 A

Anonymous said...

cess,awat dia kol hg sorg je?
apa crita dia la ni?

afiq Sayuti said...

sje gosip2 panas ngn aku haha
xdela mepek je
die skrg ngh nk wt phd
jika diberi rzeki akn ke new zealnd
wah2 best sggh