Monday, September 1, 2008


ALHAMDULILLAH...Allah gives us all we need. Hereby I would to contribute our memories to the max. Some of us already left Malaysia for further study, yet some will do the same in nearly time.

where are they??

they were already in Indonesia, Mesir, Jordan, Russia and so on

and yet to come????

this month and so forth, some particular people will be leaving to Republic Czech, and India (whose that?haha)

Next year??yeah there's go some to Japan, United Kingdom, Australia and also Ireland

Let cheerish this memories~~
Let Bloom the powerful of Friendship~~
Till death we torn apart~~
Wherever we are, the present and past should be left unspoken
BUT the next 6 years should be well-spoken
Good Luck to All of Us~InsyaALLAH (>.<)

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