Wednesday, September 3, 2008


How was this cute rabbit have been treated?hohoh. After days of working, finally i got the chance to inject and sampling its blood. But it was so hillarious haha. I found it couldnt be as easy as I thought. Plus, its cute face + shallow eyes, none of those fragile heart wont burst a tear haha. Below were some pics of us having conducting this experiment.

The team formation = me, abg Iqmal, Kak Shina, Kak Gayah n Kak Azlina (boss)

For the 1st blood sampling, they urged me to make a move but i greatly refused because im afraid I could be very clumsy haha. So i passed the syringe to Kak Shina first, they were just laughing around for my hesitation, or else my cowardly act haha.
Kak Shina was very expert, she told me to rub amount of xylene back of the rabbit's ears, to dilute its blood vessels. So we can determine where exactly to put the sharpen syringe. Kak Gayah also told me that she was kinda afraid of seeing flowing blood.

'' Kak Gayah xleh tgk la darah2 ni...nk pitam ler''

Then suddenly the blood burst out~'' BUSH~!!!

'' Wuargh, tolong~xmau tgk darah ni..sian!''

That was it. She tempted to move away her head, whilst hands still closing the rabbit's ears. Turn moved to the 2nd rabbit, and im holding the rabbit ( refered to the aboved pics ) shaked heavily. hohoho. overexcitement I guessed. So I mistook a quite wild rabbit, urghhh~ it was so fierce, even one bit my lil finger!aiyo it was FINGER afterall not CARROT.

I got my first rabbit's injection! And it was quite hard to find the comprehended vein. It went rampage like pig

  1. 1st attempt= I missed the spot, I've poked the wrong placed, where blood actually didnt even come out hahha
  2. 2nd attempt= Still ongoing with finding the spot....and still the blood refused to burst out
  3. 3rd attempt= Aha! I've got the big one vein~blood started to flow rapidly

It was so annoying. The amount was out of expectation, one test tube wont be enough and blood still flowing like hell. It even spilt to the ground, and some drops hit my socks. owh. My socks were half coloured. I didnt know to stop the bleeding, since it was appplied to an animal rather than human. If it was human, easily washed thoroughly on the particular spot. But the fact it was rabbit afterall, full of fur, so i tend to use any chemical solution to let it end. Time passed out, 15minutes gone, and the bleeding started to halt. the rabbit was looking pale, due to lost of blood. Pity him.. I wonder what happens if I apply my skill towards human-being...trying couple times before find out the spot or else the simptom...and when it does found, the person is Dying or DIED already as well!~HAHAHHAA


Anonymous said...

cte yg sal step ko nk crik vein n nk amik drh tu..
sama giler n pe yg terjadi kt aku tyme wt blood test siang td..
4 kali siot d tusuk jarum!

afiq Sayuti said...

cheh ayam!
ko ayam bkn arnab hehe
kidding =p
doc mne yg wt ko cmtu
sian kt ko..
saman die weh hehe

Anonymous said...

bkn doc seyh..
makcik nurse yg amat kasar~~
ku hrpkan doc lelaki yg muda lg kacak..
trus dmm doe..
mangkuks hayuns btoi..

afiq Sayuti said...

rupe2nya yg mencucuk ko tu seorg makcik yg kiut-miut lg comel ke hahah
uik hebatnye penangan die smpi ko leh demam
heheh =p

asiah kamal said...

mati laaa aku.. kalo keje mcm ni....

afiq Sayuti said...

to asiah
ko tkut darah ek?hehe

Anonymous said...

mane ko taw makcik tu kiut miut???

Anonymous said...

2 la ayam,niat xbek kn jd cenggitu.btw, 2 afiq, kalau hg aplly injection yg last 2 kt manusia yg O-, konpem wassalam da org 2 x pun,terus xda supply darah O-

afiq Sayuti said...

to ayam
aku dpt rasekan mkcik tu comel
sixth sense wey

afiq Sayuti said...

to lyna
erk myb tol gak ape kte ko
nnt kt mnusia btol aku wt btol2 k
x miss cucukan agi hehe

wannabugis said...

emm..good job..hehe..

Penah tak diorang ajar amek darah melalui mata arnab o tikos?

xde jarum2 neh..